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Navis SaniTec

Complete Sanitary Solution


At Navis SaniTec, our mission is to provide solutions that ensure the safety of retail customers when they come in contact with surfaces that are potentially contaminated with bacteria, germs, and viruses such as COVID-19.


Protection from germs, bacteria and viruses


Complete cart sanitization of 99% bacteria


Customer safety is our #1 priority

Colony Forming Units (CFU) bacteria / inch square

Shopping Cart 99%
Toilet Handle 30%
Cell Phone 27%

About Navis SaniTec

Navis SaniTec is a division of Navis TubeTex. Founded in 1929, Navis TubeTex is a leader in designing, engineering, and manufacturing high technology machinery for material processing, handling, and chemical application.

SaniTec engineers have designed a line of equipment for automating the sanitization process of shopping carts, all made in the USA. These systems offer a cost-effective method to ensure the safety of customers from bacteria, germs, and viruses that live on the surface of all shopping carts.  As a result, we offer solutions to generate standardize cleaning processes that ensure the safety of your customers and provide a rapid ROI.